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those who are called

Written on May 17, 2012 at 1:15 pm

those who are called

there is only a small group of human beings

who deserve to work in the


and they are very very bad

or acting that way

very very selfish

or pretending to be so


and very good at it

or they are saints

pretending to be bad people

who are good actors

pretending to be saints

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz


Written on January 23, 2012 at 11:04 am

There is nothing left
But one piece of old amber
Next to your ashes

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Why There Is No Sense of Humor Anymore

Written on December 8, 2011 at 1:04 pm


I blame New Zealand, thick mists
and dragons built on computers
I blame blue Chihuahua faces
taken seriously
I blame twenty six year olds screaming
into microphones doing imitations of blacks
I blame blonde girls in short denim skirts pink tops
and teeth teeth everywhere straight white teeth
I blame anorexia and implied sexualities
I blame Pixar and all stop animation
I blame voice-overs done by celebrities
I blame movies where they fall in love at the end
And country western stars who tell jokes
The Tea Party
Social Media
Lightly treading sketch groups
Expensive car and insurance commercials
A lack of humanity
An overdose of special effects
A love for stupid slapstick as
opposed to the risk of broken bones
I blame who is sitting next to whom
knee slapping and
heads jerked, mouths open, ugly laughs
so you can’t see what’s in front of you
I blame no good combinations of people
going into a bar together with no punch lines.
I blame volume, speed, conspiracies
and testing polls.

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Bits and Pieces from Waiting

Written on September 27, 2011 at 11:08 am

Bits and Pieces from Waiting


You Do the Math – I Couldn’t Possibly

I have a confession: I’m an idiot when it comes to numbers.  This is a source of great humiliation.  Long before any drug experimentation, numbers broke apart when I looked at them.  They became funny like little animated sticks and circles.  A kaleidoscope that laughed at me.

Peter Brook

No one can keep a silence longer than Peter Brook.  Except of course a dead person and the corpse would squeak before Peter would blink. Peter Brook has been called a genius and an eccentric egomaniac. I believe Peter Brook is an adventurer and explorer.


A Moment in LA in the Eighties: Marlon Brando

The first time I met him I had to wait three hours [at his house] because he was swimming and getting a massage. I didn’t mind, because, of course, he was Marlon Brando, and there was something peaceful about his living room. When he emerged, he was at his heaviest weight and was wearing a sea-green muu-muu, but even so, his tremendous sexuality was not diminished.  He had a power that was undeniable.


The Story of a Street Person

I was walking down Broadway on my way to a Korean deli. I saw two derelicts seated in the middle of the sidewalk. They were having a heated argument about Jesus Christ.  One of them wore a jaunty cap pulled to one side, and there was tinsel in his filthy hair.  A few steps further along, I realized that the “derelict” was my brother.  I leaned down next to him, softly said his name and waited.  When he finally saw that it was me, he let out a cry like a man who’d had a stroke and couldn’t express his joyous thoughts.  We embraced a long, long time.  His smell meant nothing to me.


New York City streets are dangerous. But ominous streets were the least of my brother Lincoln’s worries. The main enemy of the untreated schizophrenic is time. The schizophrenic deteriorates.  The schizophrenic must use up an inordinate amount of energy dealing with paranoid delusions.  It is the art of schizophrenia to sabotage any positive gestures of help.


On Yehuda Amichai

The phrase “He has become very thin/has lost his son’s weight” went through me like a shock. Simple. Lucid. Perfect. I bought the book, took a cab home, and sat with my guitar for hours, leaning over Amichai’s poetry. Yehuda Amichai began to restore my soul.


To read more, come to the readings or buy Waiting online!

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

The Life of the Artist

Written on August 19, 2011 at 12:57 am


The Jewelry Maker.  People who discuss what is art and what is not are wasting valuable time.

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i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Question air 4 Front sing air 4 Hot Rock Band ✔

Written on August 17, 2011 at 12:27 am



yes no


yes no


over five


bass player
keyboard player
lead guitar player
rhythm guitar player
backup singer
(other) ____________


yes no


death of drummer due to overdose
very bad playing


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i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Before It Was Gone

Written on July 3, 2011 at 6:04 pm


Before It Was Gone


The Bottom Line. CBGB. Don Hill's. Did you have a favorite New York haunt that was shut down? My show, Piano Bar, is about the gentrification of the Village and the LES.  A Village cabaret is bought out by a sports conglomerate, and we meet six regulars who show up to sing and remember the glory days on the cabaret's closing night.


Do you have great memories of a certain Village club?  What places like this still exist? Comment to this blog post and share your stories about former New York hot spots that exist no more!




i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Your Reality Show

Written on July 3, 2011 at 5:51 pm


Your Reality Show


The newest version of my show the Reality Show will be performed this Fall 2011 at the Beacon Theatre for Freshman and new NYU students. The Reality Show is geared to help Freshmen who come to New York and get into trouble because they don't know the city. 


This is my 8th year working on the Reality Show, and I'm curious:

Given what you know now, what do you wish you knew when you were heading off to college?


Comment to this blog post below and share your stories of challenges, mistakes, confusion, and wonder in this stage of your life!


i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

an excerpt from “Waiting”

Written on May 2, 2011 at 12:29 am

An Excerpt from "Waiting"


I am usually early for appointments, meetings, and gatherings. And then I have to wait. What is the appropriate time to ring the bell or sit down at the restaurant table? Often I am so early that I have to walk around the block a few times before I pretend to arrive.  I have walked around many blocks in cities all over the world. I often tell myself that I spend too much time waiting… A real woman would arrive five minutes after the called time, hair blowing in the wind, slightly breathless, buttoning the last button on her silk shirt as she tries to scan one more time the fax sent from Brazil, the note her lover left her on the bathroom sink, or her most recent journalistic article on the secret interview she had with a Middle Eastern politician whose name I can't pronounce…. I've tried leaving my house much later for dates and meetings, but, even if I leave my house at what to me seems like a cliffhanger of a last moment, I end up waiting. I am not a capable last-minute diva; I'm a goody-goody.


Waiting seems to be a universal activity… I'm overwhelmed by how we wait and what we wait for. Bingo numbers, election returns, on line at the meat counter, waiting for Aunt Herta to stop talking, for the plane to become first in line so we can take off, for a prescription at the pharmacy, for a poop in the potty trainer, for letters of acceptance from college, waiting, grinding your teeth in a traffic jam, waiting for a person's name to surface as you stand there with them holding your frozen smile, waiting for a skirt to go on sale, for the weather to get cooler or warmer, for the number on the scale to go up or down, for the cute person to look at you, for the creep to leave you alone, for grades to be posted to see if you've passed, for the cold to go away, for gas to pass, for gas prices to go down, for vacation, graduation, for Friday at five, for midnight on New Year's Eve…


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i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

november musings

Written on November 22, 2010 at 12:30 pm

november is the month when the seasons actually's the temperature yes,but we all know it is the light.when the light goes so does some of our ability to punch back at the enemies of joy.but keep fighting.
i find that november is this odd mixture of excitement and dread.there are all these"supposed to be"holidays of joy and family and gift giving and thankfulness blahblahblah when in fact many of us are simply reminded of the lifetimes of collisions and lacks of whatever we this way november is an evil little month.there's nothing worse than hope you're not sure about.but most of us have a precious other or others that we can scream at or wrestlewith or laugh and some of us have songs we can write stuffing we can make or e mails to write.therefor i think that november is a creative month with all its pain and contradictions and it's like going to a forein city for the first time.november always feels like the first time.i have no advise.i just think it's extraordinaryily interesting don't you?it's kind of a cousin to april.expectation anxiety the dread of regret.the passion for these short days and the mystery of these intrusive nights.many of us are down or unsure and that cab be attributed to our economy and our president who wont raise his voice and the mad hatter's tea parties that are having fun and the illness and imbalance of countries whose names we barely remember.yes it's not an easy time.but it is not a passive time.fight back as the sun goes down and light up the night with your music and eating and loving and angry.not just depressed.nature is not always kind and we must be unkind back to it.
light a candle for those you've lost what you've lost and what you are afraid of losing.then stare into the flame and know it's love's fire.loves power,the secret mysteries inside of you that you can yank out in defense of this very hypocritical mind fuckinf time of year.we are here together.we all may not be feeling it but for those of us who are-isend you hundreds of weapons from the mind and heart.dont worry about's much more stupid and obvious.not the first two weeks.but from then on the danger lessens up a bit. fight for the light inside and build a city with your name on it.

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz