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Resilient Souls

Written on November 16, 2010 at 2:54 pm

I’m very excited because this year I get to commemorate the death of the 4 church women in El Salvador with a brand new memorial.  It is a very large oratorio that is centered on all the good that came from the horrors of what happened and how many people were awakened and activated by this tragedy.  I hope people will come, because I think it will inspire them to do something in this world.  The words are all from people who we contacted who are involved in world and social activism and who are connected both to the secular world, the Maryknowls, the Urselines and the Church. 


The music contains pieces from Missionaries but is completely new and the very spontaneous words of the people who wrote to us makes for touching and inciting lyrics.

Please come to any of these performances. 


Brooklyn Performance #1 – December 1st (7:30pm)

            St. Francis College – Founders Hall

            180 Remsen St, Brooklyn Heights


Manhattan Performance #2 – December 3rd (8pm)

            Church of St Joseph

            371 6th Avenue, West Village


Queens Performance #3 – December 5th (2pm!)

            Mary Louis Academy

            176-21 Wexford Terrace, Jamaica Estates, Queens

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

The Reality Show

Written on October 14, 2010 at 2:20 pm

Since 2005, I have spent my summer with NYU students creating a show that is vital to the NYU community.  So vital, in fact, that I just got back from Abu Dhabi doing a version of it for the new campus in the Middle East.  This is the YouTube link if you want to know more about The Reality Show:

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

the beginning

Written on July 27, 2010 at 1:12 pm

im going away to see the canadian rockies and when i return i will try to be a more reliable blogger.  this is new and like all new experiences it has to find it's rhythm.  we are all trying to work so hard be so busy oh my god stressed out too much to do.  Why?  when did the contest begin?

i have all these shows oratorios books and each should be a precious gem dedicated to someone or some part of life i want to give back to or comfort.  when i forget that i forget that my job as an artist is to give gifts.  give gifts.  i am very curious about motivation these days and wonder when it gets corrupted or singed.

im not saying anything wise or new.

it's just like picking a song on a cd or in a show that will "sell" that will be "the single".  okay shepards on the mountains pick the tune that will get the most sheep to follow you.  everything we make should have its reason and i hope it has something to do with grabbing the hearts of people and waking them up to new and wild or unusually tender feelings.  otherwise we isolate each other from each other even more.

very serious very profound.

chelsea clinton is getting married to a jew and im hoping their children do passover. now that's the holidays of holidays.  it's a jewish rave.


i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz

Worrying About Wet Birds

Written on June 7, 2010 at 2:48 pm

I just finished my show with the Dominican and Jewish kids at the Y in Washington Heights, and it was a great exprience.  The kids overcame their racial and religious differences, and it's always hopeful to see that happen.  This week I am working on my new book of poetry and we start the Reality Show.  My dogs, Billy-Bob and Clementine are as intelligent and comforting as always.  And I'm very happy to have Preston back from England.  I almost wept when I saw the picture of the oil drenched pelican, and I wish I could go down there and scrub.  Is there a group that is doing that?  Israel is making a terrible mistake in its behavior but don't confuse it with Jews.  And by the way, "My Drepression" was just sold to China, which means that people might not be feeling so good there.  End of thoughts for today.

i rmn yr obdnt srvnt,
mz lz