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Film Scores


"Too Far to Go" – Feature produced by Francis Ford Coppola


Adventures of Sebastian Cole” – Independent Feature, Sundance Selection (Dir: Kip Todd Williams)


"Seize the Day" – Independent feature starring Robin Williams, Produced by Seacliffe Productions; Based on the book by Saul Bellow


"Four Friends" – Independent Feature for Arthur Penn


"The Empty Space" – Documentary film about Peter Brook, music by Ms. Swados


"Girl with the Incredible Feeling" – Doc. about Ms. Swados featuring her compositions, 1974-75


“Psychoanalysis Changed My Life” – Independent Short (Dir: Ellen Novak)


"What Do Children Think About When They Think of the Bomb?" – Independent Feature


"Sky Dance", "Creation Myths", and "Step by Step" – Animated films scored for Faith Hubley, 1977Commissioned by UNESCO for the Year of the Child. Won numerous International awards.


“The Getaway Ellen Novack”


“Auf Wiedersehen, Til We Meet Again”



Television Scores


"Alice at the Palace"  – NBC Feature Musical starring Meryl Streep


"Project Peacock"  – NBC, featuring Meryl Streep


"A Year in the Life" – NBC six hour mini-series


Song Cycle” – CBS, setting of the poems of Sylvia Plath, 1973


"Trojan Women" and "Medea" – CBS, Camera Three, 1973-74


"Family Sins" – CBS Movie of the Week; Starring Jill Eikenberry


"Ohms" – CBS Movie of the Week


"Gaughin" – CBS Movie of the Week


“Bedford Diaries” – WB, composed music for a Tom Fontana show


"Scrimshaw" – Channel 5 Movie


"Manray" – PBS Documentary, 1975


"Killing Floor" – PBS Feature


"Barnburning" – PBS Feature


"Rappacini's Daughter" – PBS Feature


"Girls in Their White Dresses" – PBS TV Short Story


"Haggadah" – PBS Special


"Changing the Rules" – PBS, Hosted by Ron Reagan


“Children’s Stories” – PBS Special – Tatge/Lasseur Productions


“Documentary on Schizophrenia” – PBS, 1992


"Nightclub Cantata" – WGBH Boston, 1975