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Alice at the Palace – 1979

2010 Recording of Alice at the Palace


Recording Information:

Alice: Ryann Redmond; Alice’s Sister: Carrie Crow; Mad Hatter: Tom Hennes; Caterpillar, Tweedle Dum: Max Jenkins; Bill, March Hare: Chad Lindsey; Duchess, Jabberwock: Erica Livingston; Dormouse, White Knight: Keifer Mansfield; Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee: Preston Martin; Baby, Red Queen: Grace McLean; White Queen: Eliza Poehlman
Piano, Music Direction: Kris Kukul; Guitar: Alec Berlin; Bass: Jeremy Chatzky; Percussion: Matt Hankle; Violin: Erin Benim; Woodwinds: Kyle Saulnier
Recorded at Clinton Studios, 2010; Engineer: Chris Abell; Mastering: Mike Crehore


2010 Recording is not yet available for purchase or download.

Click here to buy 1979 Alice in Concert (Samuel French).

See video clips from 1982 Alice at the Palace with a young Meryl Streep on the Gallery page!

1979 Alice in Concert

Featuring Meryl Streep; presented by Joseph Papp at The Public Theater/Anspacher, 1979, Winner: Obie AwardPublished by Samuel French


A musical adaptation based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  Meryl Streep made a great impression in this musical directed and produced by Joseph Papp at the Public Theatre. An extremely imaginative rendering of the Alice in Wonderland story, performed on a bare stage. The music encompasses everything from country-western to calypso, all transmogrified by Ms. Swados’ inimitable style. “Ms. Swados’ new dramatized cantata … made me think of Carroll very deeply…. [She] magnificently catches most of Carroll’s divine nuttiness…. Her best musical to date.”– N.Y. Post


Composed by Elizabeth Swados

Directed by Elizabeth Swados and Joseph Papp

Choreography by Graciela Daniele

Vocal Arrangements by Carolyn Dutton

Sets by Michael H. Yeargan

Lighting by Arden Fingerhut

Costumes by Theoni V. Aldredge


Cast:  Meryl Streep, Betty Aberlin, Stuart Baker-Bergen, Richard Cox, Sheila Dabney, Karen Evans, Gloria Hodes, Rodney Hudson, Michael Jeter, Paul Kreppel, Charles Lanyer, Mark Linn-Baker, Joan Macintosh, Jim Mcconaughy, Kathryn Morath, William Parry, Joanna Peled, Amanda Plummer, Deborah Rush


Musicians: David Conrad, Carolyn Dutton, Dan Erkkila, Judith Fleisher, Leopoldo Fleming, Robert J. Magnuson, Steve Peskoff, David Sawyer, John Schimmel, William Uttley, Tony Viscardo



1982 Alice at the Palace

Alice at the Palace, a 90 minute adaptation of Elizabeth Swados’ Alice in Concert, was broadcast on January 16, 1982, on the NBC Television Network.


Meryl Streep starred as Alice with Debbi Allen, Betty Aberlin, Stuart Baker-Bergen, Richard Cox, Sheila Dabney Rodney Hudson, Michael Jeter, Charles Lanyer, Mark Linn-Baker, Kathryn Morath, Deborah Rush, and Carolyn Dutton. Emile Ardolino directed, Graciela Daniele choreographed the dances, and Theoni V. Aldredge designed the costumes. Alice at the Palace is a Joseph Papp/New York Shakespeare Festival Production.