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Jabu – 2005


The Flea Theater in conjunction with The Alley Theatre, Houston, TX, 2005.


In JABU, scatological Pa Ubu and his bumbling cronies murder the King and throw the country into mindless chaos. This is juxtaposed against the colorful life of Ubu playwright Alfred Jarry, a vibrant young man determined to be his own comic star. While dimwitted Pa Ubu tries to maintain his wealth and position, Jarry befriends such luminaries of the day as Henry Rousseau and Madame de Rachilde while attempting to get famed director/producer Lugne Poe to produce his play about Ubu.


JABU is staged using elements of vaudeville, circus, puppetry, clowning, and musical theater mixed with slides and video.


Directed and Composed by Elizabeth Swados



Nicola Barber, Stephanie Braun, Paula Ehrenberg, Michael Francis, Meredith Holzman, Parrish Hurley, Nicholas Job, Derrick Karg, Jamie King, Danielle Levanas, Taylor Mac, Emily Mattheson, Kevin T. Moore, Ana Valle, John Pizzolato, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, Matt Wells, and Matt Wilson


Music Director/Piano: Kris Kukul

Drums: Richard Huntley

Violin: Heather Paauwe

Set/Puppet/Video Design: Sue Rees

Costumes: Melissa Schlactmeyer

Lighting: Garin Marschall