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The Haggadah – 1980

2010 Recording of The Haggadah


Recording Information:

Cast: Catherine Brookman, Paul Brown, Wade Dooley, Elizabeth Hagstedt, Chris Ignacious, Fran Jaye, Colte Julian, Brock Lucas, Jake Lucas, Haley Selmon, Hannah Shankman, Edwin Sutton, Valerie Williams

Piano, Music Direction: Kris Kukul; Guitar: Alec Berlin; Bass: Jeremy Chatzky; Percussion: Rohin Khemani; Violin: Ellen Gronningen; Woodwinds: Kyle Saulnier

Recorded at Dubway Studios; Engineer: Chris Abell; Mastering: Mike Crehore


2010 Recording is not yet available for purchase or download.

Click here to buy The Haggadah (Samuel French).

(Image from Hakerem.)


First presented by Joseph Papp at the New York Shakespeare Festival, the Public/Luesther Hall in New York City, 1980.  Also shown: Oratorio, Live on PBS Published by Samuel French


A retelling of the story of Exodus with chant, gospel, rock and roll, masks and clever use of Julie Taymor’s early puppetry. “Children should find delight in the puppets . . . is one of (Swados) happier efforts and worthy of becoming a public theatre institution”.– N.Y. Daily News. This unusual show was originally produced (and later revived) during Passover at Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre.


Composed and Directed by Elizabeth Swados

Adapted from Texts by Elie Wiesel

Scenery, Costumes, Puppetry and Masks by Julie Taymor

Lighting by Arden Fingerhut


Cast: Richard Allen, Anthony Asbury, Shami Chaikin, Craig Chang, Victor Cook, Sheila Dabney, Josse de Guzman, Michael Edward-Stevens, Onni Johnson, Sally Kate, Esther Levy, Larry Marshall, Steven Memel, Martin Robinson, David Schechter, Peter Schlosser, Zvee Scooler, Ira Siff, Louise Smith, Kerry Stubbs


Musicians: Carolyn Dutton, Judith Fleisher, Leopoldo Fleming, Robert Magnuson, David Sawyer