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Why There Is No Sense of Humor Anymore


I blame New Zealand, thick mists
and dragons built on computers
I blame blue Chihuahua faces
taken seriously
I blame twenty six year olds screaming
into microphones doing imitations of blacks
I blame blonde girls in short denim skirts pink tops
and teeth teeth everywhere straight white teeth
I blame anorexia and implied sexualities
I blame Pixar and all stop animation
I blame voice-overs done by celebrities
I blame movies where they fall in love at the end
And country western stars who tell jokes
The Tea Party
Social Media
Lightly treading sketch groups
Expensive car and insurance commercials
A lack of humanity
An overdose of special effects
A love for stupid slapstick as
opposed to the risk of broken bones
I blame who is sitting next to whom
knee slapping and
heads jerked, mouths open, ugly laughs
so you can’t see what’s in front of you
I blame no good combinations of people
going into a bar together with no punch lines.
I blame volume, speed, conspiracies
and testing polls.