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Loss and Gain – 2003


Touring various NY youth venues in partnership with Hospital Audiences, Inc (HAI), 2003-2004


Loss & Gain was a youth project dealing with the subject of loss, featuring a 45 minute performance written and performed by New York City teens. 


While the events of September 11th 2001 were the original impetus for the project, the theme expanded to include all sorts of loss: life, community, self, etc. In music, rap and spoken word, Loss & Gain cast members share personal stories of grief and coping, helping audience members realize that they are not alone in their personal experiences.


After each performance, HAI facilitators encouraged audience members to share their individual perspectives and may help them find constructive ways of framing hurtful experiences within themselves.


The Ford Foundation
The Schnurmacher Foundation
The Starr Foundation
Tribune New York Foundation
The Laura B. Vogler Foundation